Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Re-Thinking Resolutions

Today is a day to think about resolutions.  I know I definitely had some plans this time last year.  I thought that I would weigh less, be more physically fit, contribute more to those around me…  It seems like so much more than a year ago that I ran the resolution run.  I said that was the first of many 5k’s.  It was the only 5k I ran last year.

The plans I had seemed like a good, logical next step in my life.  The thing is, I don’t think I asked God what He wanted for my life.  This year, I have no idea what to resolve to do because I really can’t figure out what my next step is.  I have been living day to day.  I have been blessed and found provision. 

 I think that resolutions have had a place for the past couple of years.  This year I need to be okay with not making any.  So I guess my only resolution this year is to ask God what’s next today and to go where He leads.