Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hitting a Wall

Last week I announced to all of my Facebook friends that I was planning to run a 5K (3 mile) race in May. Everyone was so excited and cheered me on, just as they have cheered on all of my fitness goals so far.

Friday was the first day that I actually did a combination of walking and running the entire 3.11 miles. I was also supposed to be moving up to running two minutes at a time. I had a lot of difficulty with that. I thought it would get better on Sunday but it was actually worse. I just couldn’t keep running the two minutes.

Since half way through January I have been working out five times a week (instead of the four times I was doing in the fall.) I have to admit between working out that often and adding the additional run/walk time three times a week I am tired most of the time. My muscles are often sore. I have started to feel down.

Yesterday I began to regret telling people about the run. If I hadn’t I could just quit. Yet that is the reason I told people. I needed other people to know so that I had the support. I realized today that this is the hard part. I have to push through this. So I am asking God to help me push through the wall. I am asking you to join me in that prayer if you are so inclined…