Sunday, August 20, 2006

Me too!

I have been thinking about the importance of the phrase ‘me too.’ It is amazing how when you share something about yourself or what you are experiencing, many times you will hear a ‘me too.’ Think about how important that is for you. If you take a risk and share something about who you are, don’t you want someone to say ‘me too?’

The problem with ‘me too’ is that someone has to go first. Often it is very hard to share what you are going through. We usually assume that the other people we are talking to will not understand. I have had a number of experiences when I am being vulnerable that I have been shocked when someone says something to the effect of ‘me too.’

I have also been touched when someone else goes first. Some of the most profound experiences of my life have been listening to someone else’s story when they are sharing something I identify with. All of a sudden I am not alone in my experience.
Whether or not we hear ‘me too,’ I have found it rewarding to share my story with others because they can help me carry that burden. I know it sounds selfish but we are not meant to be alone. Having someone to journey through our stuff with us is how we are built to live. That said I know it is really hard to disclose stuff. I honor people who are willing to go first.

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