Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I used to think that one would be much better off to go into the hospital, find out something was wrong, and have it operated on the same day than to have a chronic problem that they had to have a scheduled surgery for. I mean the suffering would be shortened right?

On Thursday I had an emergency appendectomy at 11pm. Having your appendix out is actually a fairly routine minor surgery. Having an emergency appendectomy is a different thing. It is still minor surgery but I had no time to process what was going on. I had no time to think of questions and no time to prepare.

If I had known I was going for surgery I would have cleaned my house, bought groceries, given my employer time to make plans for my absence, told my friends that I was going to be in hospital, and prepared some things that I would need with me in the hospital. None of that happened.

Leaving the hospital on Saturday was pretty overwhelming. I had some immediate needs like cleaning my house and people to bring some food for me to eat. I couldn't even really clean up after myself when I ate. I was thinking yesterday that believe I have never been in a position of such need before. Then God gave me a word picture. Even with the profound need I have this is really nothing compared to how much I (we) need Him. Like child who doesn’t really understand the logistics of groceries and cleaning the house I need God every day more than I know.

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mom_of_3 said...

It's good to need - who knew?