Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Now What?

I went to a seminar this past weekend called Pure Heart. The seminar was lead by some people from the International House of Prayer. It was an amazing weekend and I had miraculous experience when someone prayed over me. I didn’t know her and yet the things she prayed were about issues I had never really discussed with anyone – never mind this young woman I had never met.

It was amazing. I knew that God had sent her and provided her with the prayer so that I could see God in the places of my deepest hurt. I should be jumping for joy. Yet the past few days have been difficult. I find myself tired, weary, and sad. I don’t know what I am supposed to do with all of it.


Lexi said...

Misty, most of the time, when things are brought to the surface, it feels uncomfortable. Painful at times. But God obviously put this woman in your path to let you know that He has His hand on you. He will help you get through. Perhaps you should seek out that help now that you know what needs to be dealt with. Do not hold yourself back from dealing with things. God wants you to have perfect peace. He will give it to you. You may have to work for it. But He has made it free for the taking.

RosalieG said...

Misty, I have decided for myself when I'm feeling "low" as you have described, to offer myself grace and allow myself permission to be low, but to not put too much weight on ruminating about it or overanalyzing ie. resist temptation to let "feelings" control my life and influence those around me. Sometimes it signals deeper problems and sometimes it is plain frustration or tiredness.

Maybe you are tired from a busy weekend.

Whatever it is you can ask Jesus to pray for you especially if you don't know what to pray.

I hope you will let yourself off the hook and let it pass. In a few days I think you will be "happy" again.

mom_of_4 said...


love you, sweetie.