Friday, January 20, 2012

Why You Shouldn’t Do Daily Devo’s

bible studyAt the beginning of the year, I committed to doing the daily devotion guide that was handed out at our church around Christmas time.  There is a significant amount of reading each morning.  I found it tough to get up early and do it.  Yet as time has gone on I have found that I have settled into a rhythm.  It actually feels like the normal thing to do.

I am not a very patient person.  I wanted to feel like I was getting a message from God every morning.  I wanted to understand something new and be able to quote something I learned on my blog.  I wanted to ponder God’s word and feel wiser.  That hasn’t happened.

Here is what I have noticed.  I have this increasing awareness of my flaws and my broken state.  I can’t link this to a specific scripture I have read.  I just know that I am hyper-aware of all of the sin, failings, and empty places.  I am aware of the dreams I had and have somehow abandoned.  I am aware of the woman I said I wanted to be but I am not.  It really sucks.

I am kidding (sort of) when I say you shouldn’t do daily devo’s.  I know that this is a time of growth for me.  I am not completely miserable.  I don’t hate myself.  I am just aware.  I know that this awareness will turn into fruit eventually. 


Anonymous said...

All I can say is that my devo. suggested that I focus on the radiance of God rather than myself and the details and the Jesus will be Showing through!

Kalpanee said...

You are right but there should be some respect towards God also. So I wish you success!!!

Clay Mize said...

I have learned the first thing that happens when we draw near to God, is that he makes us aware of our sin, hopefully to lead us to repentance. If we recoil and do not repent...are not affected by his presense. Then we don't grow.