Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Last week I got a ‘word’ for someone. I was praying for them and I had some insight into their situation. I was traveling at the time and I didn’t feel the urgent need to share it with them right away. Actually to be honest I struggled with whether or not to share it. I don’t have the gift of prophecy or anything. Sometimes I will get an impression that God wants someone to know something. This has always been people who are close to me.

Most of the time God just prompts me to speak some words of encouragement to someone. That has been really rewarding. There have been a few times though where I feel like I have an actual message and that I am supposed to frame it as such. Those times are harder. I know that I am pretty leery when someone tells me they have a word from God. The key for me is that these are relationships of trust.

The other day I shared with this person what I believed God had told me. Her response was, “That is totally amazing. You can’t believe how much I needed to hear that today.” She went on to tell me what she had been wrestling with and it WAS amazing. The timing was perfect; the message was perfectly worded for who she was. My friend couldn’t miss that God was at work.

I have had a chance to reflect on this and what is even more amazing is that God spoke to me through that message too. It wasn’t the message itself that was important to me but how perfect it was. I couldn’t miss God either.

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