Sunday, June 25, 2006

Everyday Burdens

How do people do all of the stuff they are supposed to do? Pray, read the Bible, meditate, worship, serve. That’s the spiritual disciplines. Then there are everyday things like cleaning, cooing, yard work and paying bills. Oh and we’re supposed to take care of ourselves, exercise, and eat right. Not to mention working and all the stuff that goes with it. Then of course there is hanging out with friends, and having fun. Oh yeah… sleep!
Maybe I am just exceptionally lazy, or inept, or who knows what but I am overwhelmed by the thought of all of the stuff that I should be doing that I am not. I was talking to someone else and she pointed out to me that I needed a saviour in this area of pain. I think that even if I didn’t have painful stuff going on the thoughts of all the things I have to do is convincing me that I need divine intervention – I need a saviour just to get through the day!

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