Sunday, September 17, 2006

Reflections of Prayer

The day I wrote my last post I opened my prayer journal. The date on the last entry said August 8th. That meant it had been almost a month since I had any dedicated prayer time. It was a huge wake up call. How could I expect to be spiritually alive if I didn’t live spiritually?

So I started praying and guess what? Things haven’t really become much better in terms of life circumstances. In fact a few things got a little bit worse. But I am working on being more consistent in my prayer life. So is my praying changing anything?

Well I will say that I haven’t had any profound answers to prayer. Or at least I can’t link anything that has happened lately directly to things I have been praying about. I have had miraculous answers to prayer before. I believe that God does answer prayer and intervenes in our daily lives. So what happens when I can’t see anything changing as a result of my prayer?

What I have noticed is that God has given me just enough over the past couple of weeks to encourage me to move forward. I have seen small signs that I am doing the right thing. He has also sent some people to walk beside me. I had a lot of calls and support after the last post. That in itself was a huge encouragement. I wonder if I would have noticed the signs if I had not been spending some time praying.

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