Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Belong

Ephes. 2:12-13 (NLT)
In those days you were living apart from Christ. You were excluded from God's people, Israel, and you did not know the promises God had made to them. You lived in this world without God and without hope. But now you belong to Christ Jesus. Though you once were far away from God, now you have been brought near to him because of the blood of Christ.

The book of Ephesians was written by Paul. Paul had a mission to bring the message to the Gentiles (which is quite ironic.) The Gentiles were considered outsiders by the Jews. They were not considered God’s people. They were on the outside looking in. I realize when I read this passage that I identify with the Gentiles. Especially where it says “You lived in this world without God and without hope.”

The translation of the Bible I read most often is The New Living Translation. In this translation Ephesians 13 starts off “But now you belong to Christ Jesus.” The fact that I belong to Jesus is not new to me. Yet somehow this passage grabbed my heart. I lived in the world with no hope but now I belong to Jesus. I had a sense of joy and peace and freedom. What is really interesting to me is that other translations do not say this exactly that way. I think that the fact I read this translation first is God’s gift to me.

For the past two days I have had a sense of joy and security I don’t remember having before. Every time I think about it I feel giddy. I belong to Jesus. No one or nothing can change that. I feel like I have been changed somehow.


Stephanie said...

Hey Misty! Isn't it wonderful when God takes you to a new level... when new hope, renewed faith rises up? If I had to choose, Ephesians is my favorite book in the Bible. I've spent months in a row reading it through every night. I can't get enough of it. In fact, I recorded it and my kids listen to the entire book every night before they go to sleep. If we believed what God tells us in Ephesians, we would rock this world and never be the same.

Tracey Craigon said...

Again, I know exactly - or at least pretty close to what you are saying - it is so amazing. Words cannot express it really...but to share it is great - and you do that well - thanks again, Misty!