Thursday, January 03, 2008


We get (and give) so many mixed messages as Christians. I guess that is why we call it faith. I know I have hinted at this before but today is the season of resolutions. I am thinking about dreams and desires.

On one side of the fence there is prosperity teaching. We as Christians are children of God. We are entitled to an inheritance. Health, wealth and happiness are ours for the taking. We just need to have enough faith or say the right prayer even and bingo! The world is our oyster.

Okay that sounds sarcastic and to some extent it is. I am intentionally exaggerating to illustrate my point. Here is the question. If we don’t subscribe to prosperity teaching what is the other side of the fence? Are we entitled to nothing? Should we not allow ourselves to have desires or dreams?

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Anonymous said...

What a profoundly challenging question??? If the upside down part of Christ's teaching is to "lose one's life", it certainly appears that there is something about losing self that remains a bit of a mystery. I wonder about dreams and the accumulation of my stuff and wrestle with this question. Maybe losing is the new way to win. Maybe dying is the new way to life...I've been thinking about this for a while...what do you think???