Monday, October 20, 2008

Tied Up In Knots

I have been so blessed that God has met me in the details of my move. There have been a few close calls – hours where my stomach was tied up in knots. Then whatever I was stressed about would be resolved. I would be elated but also a little bit guilty. Why didn’t I just have faith? Why did I allow myself to get that way?

God is teaching me about that. First of all I thought about the summer. I was so anxious and nothing brought me relief. Yet I also was hungry for God. I was open. I listened. I ended up moving into a condo where I feel safe and secure. I have much less to worry about, much less to do. I wondered if it hadn’t been for that feeling how I would have been propelled to the decision.

Second, why do I necessarily associate that feeling in my stomach with not having faith? Perhaps it is not about whether or not I have the feeling but what I do with the feeling. Do I turn to God or to other things? I won’t say I always turn to God. Sometimes I turn to other things. If I always try to manage the feeling in my stomach rather than recognize that it means I need to seek Him, I will be in danger of always getting caught in a trap.


Julie said...

I like your last line about if we don't seek God in our struggles but fixate on our problem we will be in danger of getting caught in a trap.
I do that way too often & for some reason I find myself purposefully avoiding God.
Thank you for your perspective Misty!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a relief -realizing in the situation that all we need to do is rely on God? Challenging sometimes, yet such a blessing.

It's awesome how God took care of you during your move. I pray that he blesses your life there.


mom_of_3 said...

You are very wise, my friend. I believe God gave us that feeling in the pit of our stomach to remind us to seek Him. Too often we're encouraged to medicate it (or manage it) instead of exploring it.