Monday, July 06, 2009

A Strange Sort of Wonderful

I am wondering about certainty. There is a book called The Myth of Certainty that claims no one can be certain of God’s existence or attributes. The author claims that at best our search for God is like looking through a fog.

I know people who act as if they are certain. Their relationship with God is as if He is in the room with them. They just seem to have this natural ability to trust Him, they seem to get what exactly it means to ‘rest in Him.’

Sometimes I feel like I have some sort of defect that doesn’t allow me to unquestioningly trust in God’s promises. Yet the Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. So what does that mean? What is the purpose of my lack of steadfastness? Or do I even trust enough to believe that I am wonderfully made?


mom_of_3 said...

That's what I've been struggling with too. With every bigger step of faith I take I am more fearful, and it should be the opposite. What am I missing? My head KNOWS the truth about God, but my heart is having a hard time connecting. How does someone receive the love of God?

Anonymous said...

We all struggle at times. I think what is key is praying and seeing answers to some prayers, or seeing things happen that you know were God authored. When you have several of those in your satchel, faith is strengthened. Not only that, you start to look for more God-incidences along your path and are truly amazed.

Also having role models to encourage you helps.