Friday, January 01, 2010

I Will Rise

I can’t believe it is 2010 already. Many people take this time to reflect on their lives and decide what to change. I think that is a natural and good thing. I spent many years not making resolutions. This year I decided to take a new slant on them.

Rather than try and start anything new I have decided what I would like to keep doing or expand on. This seems much less discouraging and overwhelming. I can’t help but honor all that his happened for me this year. I also can’t help but honor what has happened for me in the last ten years. To throw it out and start doing something entirely new would seem like I wasn't doing enough.

I have to admit that sometimes when I reflect on the good place I am in, I feel a sense of panic. I don’t want to let it go. Yet it is not realistic to expect that I won’t experience hardship in 2010. So instead I will make a declaration:

I will rise.

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