Wednesday, April 28, 2010


On Sunday I was serving at church at the media station.  I don’t mind doing it but sometimes it can be stressful.  It’s also not the most social position to be in.  This particular Sunday I found it really difficult for some reason.  I realized part way through it was because I was already quite stressed.

I came home and I wanted to blog about what was going on in my life but I really can’t.  It’s hard for me because I try to be really transparent on my blog.  It is an outlet for me to process stuff.  Now there are things preventing me from speaking publically.  It sucks and it’s hard.

So instead of writing a blog I decided to clean my apartment on Sunday.  Lately exercise has also become a stress relief but I was too tired and worn down to run.  I know, it is not healthy to avoid stuff but hey, at least I did something productive – and I felt better.


Jordan said...

'The Media Station' + Not social = I totally know what you are talking about!

I've been volunteering in that area since the conception of Soul.
For me it is insanely lonely, despite three hundred people passing in front of you in mere minutes.

Just don't let it get to you. Be social during other times when you have the opportunity.

Keep on keepn' on.

She... said...

Interesting! You know, I've seen people I know back there, and have always thought "Oh, don't interrupt them. *That* is a job that requires concentration."

I had no idea that it was a 'lonely' position.

I'm glad you both commented on it. I'll be extra hello-ish to the people in the media station.