Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions

2011I have had some time to reflect on 2010.  As I said in my Christmas letter it was a good year overall.  I want 2011 to be a good year too.  I remember that 2010 started well (or maybe 2009 ended well.)  I have to admit that I have had some challenges the past couple of months.  The last two weeks at work were tumultuous.  I don’t want to live in crisis.  I don’t want to just survive.  So given where I am at now, what can I do to enter this year with a sense of optimism?
First, I remember all that I did in 2010.  I know that I can do more than I am .  I was inspired by a blog I follow to write some resolutions.  I was inspired because I saw what she had accomplished.  I remembered that I accomplished things too.  And I think that it will be wonderful to reflect on what I have done.  Oh I was also comforted by the fact that some of the 2010 goals ended up on her 2011 list again.  So here we go:
1.  Run a 5K in under 40 minutes – last year I ran in two 5k races.  I ended up walking a lot of it.  Although it was huge for me to even finish or participate in such a thing, I wanted to do better.  A forty minute race is an average of 13 minutes per mile.  Right now I do about 19 – but I walk a lot.
2.  Spend one afternoon (or evening) per month taking pictures – I took a photography course in the spring.  I enjoyed it a lot.  I purchased a new camera and tripod for myself for Christmas.  I find taking pictures for a few hours relaxing.  I want to spend more time doing it.
3.  Reduce my debt load by $8000 – last year I purchased a new car.  I love the car but it put me in debt again.  I miss not having a line of credit to pay off.  So I would like to reduce my debt this year.  Last year I paid off $4793 from May through the end of the year.
4.  Spend 5 minutes per day in prayer/meditation – this seems like a lame commitment to God.  Actually it is.  I know myself.  If I say I will do an hour, I won’t do any at all.  My hope is that I will become addicted to it and spend more time doing it.
5.  Have 6 outings per month with friends – this is a tough one.  A long time ago I posted about a show I had watched that said that spending time with friends is one of the keys to health.  It doesn’t need to be expensive.  It doesn’t even technically need to be out.
6.  Make my front storage room into a more functional space – currently my storage room is full of empty boxes and recycling.  I would like it to function as a closet and make it easier to get my bike in and out.
7.  Spend one hour per week studying scripture – again, yes this doesn’t seem like enough and it isn’t.  I need to start somewhere.
8.  Attend Donald Miller’s  Storyline Conference in June – this would seem and probably is in opposition to goal number 3.  That said, Donald Miller is one of my favourite authors.  Blue Like Jazz changed the way I looked at Christianity.  A Million Miles in a Thousand Years was the inspiration for 2010.  My understanding is the conference is inspired by the book.  Even though it is expensive to fly to Portland, I really want to go.
9.  Eat healthy meals 80% of the time – I don’t think it is realistic to say I will never eat bad food.  That said, I know I need to commit to healthier eating.  So 80% or approximately 17 of my meals in a week should be healthy. I have my own definition of healthy that may not match others.  The idea is that it is something I cooked with fresh ingredients and well isn’t deep fried or full of  sugar.  I may refine this as I go along.  As part of this I would like to try one new recipe per month.  I enjoyed cooking in the early part of 2010.
10.  Work out 4 times per week 75% of weeks – again, I get sick or stuff comes up.  The idea here is that I want to be consistent in my workouts.  I want to remain healthy.  I want working out to be a part of my life so that when I hit the hard times, working out is just something I do.
11.  Post to my blog more often – I have been a terrible blog poster this year.  I think that it has been difficult for me to think of what to post.  So, my thought is that I can share my progress on my goals.  I am certain there will be more than statistics to share.


mom_of_4 said...

I love you, Misty <3 Just reading your resolutions reminds me of how much. I love how far your journey has taken you this year and your resolutions inspire me! I love your faithfulness, your commitment, and your level of detail :o) I know God's grace is all over this and that He is smiling down at you because He knows your heart.

mom_of_4 said...

I guess the heart <3 doesn't work in comments. Well, you know what I mean :o)

Misty B said...

I <3 you too:)

Thank you for your comment. It made me realize how 'big' today is for me. "I" am back...

Yes my goals are specific. Actually they are specific, measurable, attainable, something that starts with 'r', and time specific. This would be a really nerdy comment except I can't remember the 'r'. That makes it cool:-)

Brownie said...

Hi - I'm just cruising blogs this morning and popping in to comment.

I found your post very encouraging. I am going to make resolutions this year - but have such a hard time doing it. Another blogger that I follow talked about resolutions and added this verse: Pro 16:3 Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.

Thanks for the good read.

Anonymous said...

Well I will be nerdy for you...the "r" is realistic