Sunday, March 06, 2011

Running Outside and Other Things I Am Learning About

winter run

Someone asked me last week in the comments what the coldest I have ever run in was.  I often get comments about how impressed people are that I am still running outside no matter the weather.  I used to make the same comments and I actually thought that running outside in super cold weather was dangerous.  I have learned that I was wrong.

The coldest I have run in so far is –32 Celsius.   It was –40 with the wind chill.  I haven’t had the opportunity to run in anything colder.  I haven’t set a limit for myself.  The cold doesn’t really keep me from running.  What would keep me from running outside is if the sidewalks were impassable (either too icy or covered with  a lot of snow.)  So far I haven’t had to run on those days.  I have cold weather gear and grips for my runners.

I have found that I actually enjoy the cooler weather when I am running.  I am warm but I don’t get too hot.  I realized that this winter I don’t feel as trapped.  I get outside and run no matter what.  It is freeing.  I am waiting for spring like everyone else but I don’t need it to be spring for me to go outside.

Now to the resolutions -- Last month I had a more difficult time with healthy eating and exercising.  I got my runs in but even when I had time I didn’t go back to strength training.  I learned a couple of things.  The first is that when I have a busy period, I need to prepare for a little beyond the busy period.  I had food prepared for two weeks.  I thought I would just get right back into the rhythm as soon as it was over.  I didn’t.  My worst eating week was the week AFTER things settled down.  Oh well, lesson learned.

I have worked out three times every week but I wasn’t able to get the forth time in and I only did my strength training once.  That was partially because I was tired but also because I needed to listen to my body.  I couldn’t add more to my workout yet.  I am going to try again this week.

Statistics for February:

Healthy meals – 76% (I actually had several days where I didn’t write anything down.  I assumed those were 0 healthy meals…  so maybe I hit 80 % and didn’t even know it)

Workouts – only one week with four workouts but every week with at least three

Time with friends – 6 outings


mom_of_4 said...

Misty, your statistics always make me smile :o)

I also really like this part of what you wrote:

"I realized that this winter I don’t feel as trapped. I get outside and run no matter what. It is freeing. I am waiting for spring like everyone else but I don’t need it to be spring for me to go outside."

Anonymous said...

I am so blessed by your blog and the real life you are sharing. Thank you. It is an encouragement to keep my head in the game.