Sunday, November 13, 2011


failureThe beginning of the November makes me feel like the year is drawing to a close.  There is lots of time left but it ends up getting taken up by Christmas parties, gatherings, and shopping.  It feels like the time to achieve my goals has already passed.  Or has it?

I hesitate to post about my resolutions.  Every one was so supportive and even inspired.  So to look at my resolutions today feels like a bit of a disappointment.  I am afraid to let people down.  I feel like I have failed.

When I read my resolutions I know I have achieved a couple of them.  I have also changed my approach on many of them.  I still have some time to work on others.

In March I started struggling with some health issues that prevented me from working out.  My food intake was nowhere near 80% healthy.  I really struggled.  By the time the summer came, I was quite weak and had gained a lot of weight.  I decided it was time to commit to a weight loss program so I joined Weight Watchers at the beginning of July.  I have also become more active, last month I completed an Ironman in a month challenge – I swam 2.4 miles, bicycled 112 miles, and ran 26.2 over the 31 days of October.

I attended the Storyline Conference in June and I can say it has propelled me to live a better story.  I also managed to clean out my storage room and I can now walk into it without stepping on anything.  My bike goes in and out easily.

Technically I have already posted more this year than I did last year.  That said, my intent was to post weekly and I haven’t been doing that.  There is still time to get back onto it.  So here I am.

Resolutions are about an intent to be better.  I can say that I am better than I was this time last year.  I have less debt, I have lost weight, I have gained energy and a lot of wisdom.  I won’t run a 5k in under 40 minutes this year but I have increased my distance and speed by quite a bit.


She... said...

Congratulations on all of the positive change you have made. From this side of the blog, watching your choices towards change is inspirational. My eyes see a woman who has decided to work towards improving her life / lifestyle, and a woman who pushes forward, growing with every step. Regardless of the experience on that side of the blog, there is much joy for you to take from the growth you have experienced. And maybe much wisdom to use towards creating next year's goals. (BTW, you may enjoy this blog post:

mom_of_4 said...

it's always inspiring to see someone who "tries, tries again..."

if you were able to successfully achieve all your resolutions every time you make them you wouldn't have the impact that you do because you wouldn't be a real person ;o)