Saturday, December 09, 2006

If I Were To Write A Psalm

I have really been struggling to figure out what to post lately. So here it is. If I were to write a Psalm today. This is what it would say:

Lord you lifted me out
From the bed I had made on my own
You showed me the way out
You mended my wounded heart

Now my enemies advance
I am trapped in a corner
Why did You rescue me?
To allow my enemies to destroy me?

There is no rest
There is no peace
I wait for You
I call to You

But You are the One
Who came to earth
A helpless baby You came
Hope to a broken world

Lord set me free
I beg for Your help
You didn’t lift me out
To allow me to be buried

I praise You for your Glory
I praise You for your Mercy
I praise You for rescuing me
For it is already accomplished

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