Friday, August 15, 2008

Tears - Psalm 56-8

I used to think I had run out of tears
Empty, pointless I was done crying
Yet God came and coaxed them out
His well never runs dry

Some days
I wonder
If there is a point
All these tears never ending

God’s mercy is in tears
Cleansing, sometimes comforting
Always somehow an expression
Of a yearning for something

In my tears I lose control
I give them to Him
He is my Saviour
He collects my tears


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Tracey Craigon said...

Hi Misty - there have been many tears for me too in the past few years. LW is cleansing, cathartic. I'm learning alot and healing. This past week my sister found out she has a malignant lump in her left breast. More tears. But there are always moments of Grace in between - and more and more often, that peace that goes beyond all understanding. Please pray for Tara.