Sunday, January 09, 2011

Emergence and Whether Watching T.V. Is Okay

I remember the day I all of a sudden felt like I was ready to move.  It was December 30th.  In the days leading up to my vacation I had felt a considerable pull to watch television, play video games, have naps, read, or do anything that didn’t require energy or thought.  From about December 23rd on, I did very little.  I didn’t feel well.  I was tired.  I enjoyed my time with friends but I also felt like I needed considerable time at home.

I have typically viewed this as behaviour I want to change.  Yet knowing how I felt suddenly on December 30th I wonder if this is the way God built me.  My periods of rest involve things that others may view as ‘wasting my time’.   It wasn’t a waste of time.   I think it is what I needed.

If at that point I would have been exercising regularly, I would have kept it up.  Food is always an issue during the holidays but I think I would have had a better time of eating healthy if I had been doing that all along.  So maybe the key is not punishing myself for doing what I enjoy but creating a context for doing those things where they don’t detract from my health.

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mom_of_4 said...

God commanded us to rest often and to do it thoroughly, not infecting it with multitasking or berating ourselves for not being productive. Good for you for recognizing that there's an ebb and flow to the rhythm of how you are wired :o) I wouldn't be surprised if you'll be an inspiration to others in that area too!