Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nosy Neighbor

When I was little we lived across the street from a house in which the kitchen was at the front of the house. The kitchen sink was right under a window that looked out basically right into our house. My mom and I used to comment on how it didn’t seem possible that one family would have all those dishes. The woman that lived in that house would frequently be looking out her window at our house. Basically we figured she was a nosy neighbor.

A year or two ago a childhood friend and I were talking about praying for people who didn’t know we were praying for them. She commented that she had run into my neighbor recently. The neighbor had asked how I was doing. When my friend commented that I was doing well and I had become a Christian my neighbor was very happy. She had been praying for me all these years.

For the past while I have been thinking about how much God is doing that we don’t know about. Even when I didn’t know Him, God sent someone to pray for me. I hold onto that when I can’t sense His presence.

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