Monday, May 26, 2008

Truth Part 3

I already wrote about waiting in the hallway of the St. Boniface Emergency. I was eventually moved to a room in the emergency department. It is really weird to be lying in a bed waiting for emergency surgery. The surgeon had talked to me in the hallway and was very open to me asking questions. The problem is that I couldn’t think of any questions. And really thinking of any questions seemed sort of redundant. I knew instinctively that I was very sick. The appendix needed to come out.

I never really thought about dying. I was more afraid of being really sick. In hindsight I realized that I live with an assurance that I never really understood before. I feel grounded that I am going to heaven. I remember hearing the testimony of someone who had an experience on 9/11 where he became very close to dying. He was completely sure that he would go to heaven. He had no fear of dying. He only asked that it wouldn’t hurt very much. I had thought to myself, I hope I feel that way if I know I am going to die. Now I know that God did give me that peace.

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mom_of_3 said...

"there is a fate worse than death..."

An eternal perspective is one of God's greatest gifts! How blessed you are...